Easy Ways To Find A Motorcycle Riding Buddy

Riding a bike instills a feeling of adventure and scales up your adrenaline rush, but riding with a buddy takes the entire experience to the next level. Meet local bikers or find that special someone using the best biker dating sites. Biker dating websites are the most efficient and a great biker dating network for all those solo bikers to connect with other like-minded motorcycle fanatics or just a companion to ride on the rear seat. Here we have listed a few popular biker community websites for meet local bikers search.

Reasons You Need a Riding Buddy

meet local bikers search

If you love motorcycle riding and want to take the experience to the next level, you must surely try a ride with a riding buddy. Here are more reasons for going out with buddies.

  • Handling: Safe riding with a team is a skill that requires practice. When you ride with a group, you learn a lot about bike handling. It teaches you to be secure with your mates while they are a few inches away along with tips to corner safely. Diverse skill categories like moving in a paceline and sprinting and descending with others improve during group riding. You may even enhance your skills like learning to move up with minimum effort, operating only a bit to stay up with motorcycle riders, and positioning yourself rightly.
  • Race tactics: Apart from socializing, managed group rides allow you to learn various riding tactics. There is another advantage of group rides: you have got the opportunity to work on tactics. You can practice sprinting in a smaller or bigger gear than usual. Thus, practice various winning methods, so you pick and execute multiple tactics. Some biker clubs also offer a class of race simulation.
  • Teamwork: Moreover, sharing the same desire of enjoying biking fun enhances cooperation. You’ve to prioritize shared preferences when you plan a motorcycle dating trip together. So, you should compromise, negotiate, set goals and objectives, and strengthen interactions between duos. You’ll find many examples of perfect matches online who’ve traveled several miles together, enjoying togetherness and facing various challenges.
  • Share life experiences with friends: When you travel together, it is everything about sharing experiences that build up a relationship and memories. Furthermore, great friendships are built between individuals who cherish similar hobbies. Along your way, you’ll encounter several motorbike fans, couples, and single bikers. Usually, you’ll get on well. Alone or in groups, you’ll enjoy familiar experiences.
  • Creates positive energy: You’ll contact with speed momentum, engine vibration, feeling of freedom, and natural elements all boost up position vibes. Who could perhaps feel low while bike riding? And when you have a buddy riding along with you, the energy doubles up. Just by sensing the sun and the wind on your face, your liveliness will instantly rise, and you’ll feel better. Additionally, cognitive brain functioning will even increase. While traveling with friends, you’ll have a better mood and feel more energized.
  • Keeps you motivated: When someone is waiting for you, it gives a nice feeling, and one feels more motivated to ride and enjoy every moment. Also, by holding one another responsible, you may attain your targets together. 

Where can you find local riders?

  1.  Biker Planet

Biker Planet is among the finest bikers’ groups for motorbike enthusiasts. It brags simple to navigate and uses the structure with a basic interface, which is available in 16 languages. Furthermore, this site brags off bike-centric attributes with a considerable membership platform and well-rounded workings.


  • Essential messaging and search tools
  • 5-day trial membership available for a dollar
  • The basic pricing starts with $1/ day
  • Browse profile without exposing your ID
  • Offers rapid match, i.e., shows people in your locality, member pictures, or pass
  • Chat room available for discussing biker lifestyle with the online members
  • Premium members can upload unlimited pictures
  • Free members can upload as many as twenty pictures
  • Available on both iOS and Android
  1.  Biker Single

Biker Single was inaugurated for assisting all single bikers in pursuance of riding buddies or potential partners. With this online dating site, you can meet many single riders and share your passion and interests with them. Biker Single is also the platform to meet local bikers from various places around the world.


  • Allows uploading up to 26 pictures in your biker profile
  • All free members can reply and receive the mails for free
  • Allows meet local bikers search among authorized members
  • Permits interaction with other people through blogs and forums
  • Provides free dating tricks and tips
  • You can search depending on distance and area
  • Offers Backseat Status facility to find girls looking for a ride 
  1.  Biker Kiss

Developed in 2001, Biker Kiss is the world’s most influential, largest, and most popular biker dating site. Here you’ll discover most of the online enrolled motorcycle friends and single bikers. In addition to finding the best biker partner, you will also get information about the biker lifestyle and other useful information. 


  • Allows uploading a maximum of 26 photos to tattoo, motorcycle, private, and public collections in a dating profile
  • Three types of membership plan, 
  • The basic plan starts with one month and costs $29.95
  • Three months membership costs $59.95
  • A six-month membership plan costs $95.95
  • Host of filters to narrow down the best match
  • One can participate in various interactive sessions
  • Get a list of certified bikers
  • Allows sharing first date plans for getting likes and comments
  • Receive instant messages and emails from singles and answer them
  • Participate and comment on other’s adventure bike forums online, etc.
  1.  Meet Local Bikers

Meet Local Bikers is currently regarded as the quick flourishing biker dating website. It offers a chat room where you can have one-to-one interaction with fellow members. It has a five-day plan that starts at $4.99, and then you can choose a three-month plan at $27.99 and a six-month plan at $39.99. 


  • Allows pre-checking the local number matches in your locality
  • It comes with advanced search (paid) and basic search (non-paid) 
  • Paid members can send unlimited messages, and get their profiles featured
  • It offers the facility of private video chat with fellow members
  • You can also check who is checking out your profile
  1.  Bikers Nearby

Bikers Nearby has made it simpler to get your perfect riding partner with few clicks. You’ll meet motorbike lovers and riders all around your area. You need to click to like or pass, and when someone extends a like back, there’ll be an immediate match. One month membership of this app costs $14.99, while a six-month plan would come at $10, and the 12-month plan will come at $6.67 per month.


  • Helps in maintaining privacy
  • Easy to establish a preference
  • Choose gender preference
  • Set age preference
  1.  Plenty of Bikers

Plenty of Bikers is the most exemplary biker dating service for the Harley Davidson Bikers. They’ve become the only biker dating site offering special services for Harley bikers from various parts of this world. Plenty of Bikers isn’t any typical biker dating site because there are different classified advertisement types for the bikers and groups, events, and news. Although it doesn’t have an app, the website is responsive and can be easily accessed via mobile and laptops.


  • Has advertisement for sale bikes, biker bars recommendations, and tattoo shops
  • Get an update about the upcoming bikers event
  • The meet local bikers search and biker chat tab features
  • Permits viewing online members
  • You can add friends to stay in touch
  • You’ll find a classified area for all details regarding biker culture.
  1.  Biker Friends Date

Biker Friends Date is a dating site for bikers where you’ll meet and find all the sole riders around your neighborhood. If this is your first move in this domain, you can start with this dating site as it offers to meet local bikers free of cost.   


  • A mobile-friendly website
  • Enhances friendship with individuals sharing similar interests and passion
  • Check whether the member that you like is still active or not
  • Check when was the member last online
  1.  Harley Davidson Dating

Are you a proud owner of Harley and want to have a fellow buddy who is equally passionate about this bike and riding off-terrain? Then this dating site is the best for you? The Harley Davidson dating was initially developed as a biker dating network for Harley owners and now has emerged as a popular dating site


  • Tree different packages
  • The one-month plan comes at $29.95 
  • A three-month plan comes at $59.95
  • The six-month one is available at $95.95 
  • Browse the profiles of your fellow members
  • Quick search options to find the people near you
  • Hide your picture and profile from people you don’t like

  1.    Biker Next

Biker Next manages to show up from all other websites. It is one of the best biker clubs where individuals wishing to date someone sharing the same enthusiasm for biking lifestyle can meet and join other members. The five-day trial package comes at $6.59, and if you want to take up the monthly plan, then you have the option of the one-month at $40.69, three-month at $62.67, and twelve-month at $131.87.


  • Enjoy an exclusive inbox for storing incoming messages
  • Add member’s accounts to likes
  • Enjoy it’s meet local bikers free texting function
  • Contact and receive notifications from other members
  1.  Biker or Not

Biker Or Not is an online tool for riders worldwide, sharing passions and thoughts apart from typical dating plans. The best part is that you don’t have to pay to use this site. 


  • Offers the ‘Invite To Ride’ feature with special services
  • Form bikers groups for getting along, discuss and help one another
  • Add unlimited pictures
  • Set your profile to private


With the list of top biker dating websites, you can easily find someone as passionate as you. Once you get into the online world of biker sites, you’ll find all the dating advantages of finding individuals sharing your desires and interests. Thus, it is time to find someone who shares your passion for riding bikes.