Why Do We Need to Use Travel Humidors

Whether you are on a business trip or a luxury one, if you are one of those cigar lovers who need a tranquil break, to relax over a cigar, this article is meant for you. While traveling around the world or on trips, weather, humidity, rain, etc. – a lot of factors keep changing. The fine charm and essence of a cigar come with its quintessential freshness. Smoking in cigars fresh instills a relaxing feeling in those who love to take a puff of it. But once the seal is opened, the cigar may lose its freshness, and once it gets moisture-laden, it doesn’t give the same taste and flavor. Hence, you need a tight, secured, and compact carrier for your cigars. Humidors are the cases used for keeping cigars. 

A fascinating, stylish, handcrafted, or custom-designed travel humidor assures the freshness of the cigar every time you pop it out of it, but it is also your style statement. A voguish travel cigar humidor can catch the attention of your business associates and friends. Besides, these can be a great gifting option. You can pick a fad cigar travel humidor, pack it up with the best cigars, gift it to someone special, and bring a precious smile to their face.  In this short discussion, we are going to cover all the details of the travel humidor

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What is a travel humidor

A cigar has its primary component as tobacco, which is quite sensitive to relative humidity. Humid conditions can have considerable changes in their flavor, aroma, and essence. Travel Humidors are compact boxes, which easily fit in pockets, side bags, vanity bags, and pouches. Along with being travel-friendly, the main purpose of a travel cigar humidor is cigar storage that controls the humidity levels, thereby avoiding the cigars from getting exposed to humidity and getting mold, rotten, infestation from tobacco beetle, etc. These boxes allow the natural expansion and contraction of tobacco leaves under relative humidity only to an extent. Even it saves cigars from getting too dry and losing their aroma. 

What is the difference between a cigar case and a travel humidor?

A simple cigar case only offers storage, but a portable cigar humidor comes with an exclusive in-built thermostat and hygrometer to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels and lock the flavor and quintessential aroma of a cigar. A cigar aficionado knows that just storage of cigars is not enough while traveling when environmental and temperature conditions might change. 

Why buy a travel humidor

Cigars are costly and particularly more with certain brands and so. Moreover, cigar aficionados would always prefer to puff in the fresh flavor, and a portable humidor helps to maintain a moisture-free environment. 

Easy to carry, these are particularly designed with integrated hygrometers and thermostats, and at the same time, these are compact, sleek in design, and lightweight. There can be nothing compared to the fun of leisurely sipping over a glass of scotch or wine with your favorite cigar on a fine travel trip.

Travel Humidor Benefits

travel humidor

A good quality product will offer a wide range of benefits: 

  • Maintains the freshness of cigars. Primarily, the objective of a humidor is to create airtight moisture resisting lock mechanism. Since these boxes are airtight, your cigars remain fresh and good.
  • Easy to carry and store. Crafted out of lightweight yet sturdy material, these are travel-friendly, for they are robust in look and feel.
  • Built strong for frequent use. Shockproof and weather-resistant, these are the key features in the best travel humidor. Since you will be taking them along with you while traveling, you must check that the humidor is made from the best material that keeps the cigar safe. 
  • Helpful in keeping cigars organized. It offers convenient and adequate storage for your cigar stocks, and most importantly, these fit easily in small spaces, even pockets. These are also crushed and rough handling resistant. 

Think of the rough and casual tossing of your luggage bags and a suitcase or the heavy sudden rains or snowfalls; you would rather think of investing in a waterproof and good quality humidor for ultimate protection. 

Travel humidor drawbacks

Since these are so-called tagged as portable, even a normal or the best travel humidor are highly priced. These are essentially designed to be hard-cased and are tough and crush resistant, which is a must to make them portable and travel-friendly. 

Again, the size is often more compared to the actual storage capacity. This is done to safeguard and lock the essence and freshness of tobacco better, but even then, you cannot ignore the minimal storage cased due to design features. 

To offer optimum cushioning, Polyethylene, Ester, or Pro-Cell foam are filled and stuffed inside a humidor, leaving miserably less space for cigars. With an in-built hygrometer and thermostat cushioning, there is not much space to overfill the box, which can cause the seal to malfunction. 

What to look for in a travel humidor?

While intending to buy the best travel humidor, you must keep in mind a few factors:

  1. Check the lock mechanism. The lock mechanism of high-end travel cigar humidors is important. If the seal doesn’t work properly, neither the hygrometer can work, nor can you secure the cigars from humidity damage. 
  2. Some humidors come with an extensive lock system: an additional key lock or smart lock. However, you must ensure that you get a humidor with a good seal and essential room inside so that the cigars are not pressed across the hydrometer valves. 
  3. Once the humidor is closed, there should not be too much open room inside. This could be the constant movement of the cigars when the bags are handled. At airports, often bags are casually handled, tossed roughly, and if the humidor does not feature adequate cushioning with foams, the cigars can get damaged. 
  4. Check out for travel-designed humidors.  Look for a humidor, which not only has an in-built hygrometer but a thermostat as well. However, these might be a bit overpriced, but a good humidor must be designed with essential guard and control to completely fortify the cigars. 
  5. The dimensions are important. Check the size and dimension of the humidor, for you must pick one which goes seamlessly with your luggage. 
  6. The material of the humidor. Another important factor that you must take into account is the material. Usually, Spanish cedar is issued for making the best travel humidors, but there are other options like mahogany, oak, cherry wood. Of all the options, Spanish cedar is the best at preserving moisture, hence best for travel humidors. 
  7. Check the seal. When purchasing a humidor, your focus should be to choose the best material and ensure that the seal is tight. It reduces any scope of humidity to penetrate in the humid. It also keeps the flavor intact. 


Buying the right travel humidor depends on your smoking frequencies. Many like to smoke once in a while, very rare. For them, small cigar humidors can be more than enough. But if you are one of those who likes burning ashes of a cigar on weekends or with friends, you must accordingly think of investing in a humidor with 5 to 7 accommodation slots. 

However, you must keep in mind that these cigar humidors are primarily meant for a short time, travel storage only. Those who are seeking long-term storage of cigars must look for permanent storage. These travel cigar humidors are ideally designed to store cigars and keep their freshness intact. Moreover, if you want a designer cigar humidor, you can have a leather finish and custom-designed ones. These are great for personal use or even anniversary, birthday, promotion, etc., gifts. A cigar lover is ought to fall in love with this kind of product for the taste, flavor, and aroma to their fullest.