Why Ride Safer Travel Vest is a Practical Solution for Families

The safety of their kids is the foremost priority of every parent. This becomes especially important when kids are traveling in some vehicle. During any road trip or daily commuting, it is important to provide added protection to your kids who would be sitting behind. While on-road, no one can predict needs for sudden breaks or any other mishap. Moreover, small kids often fall asleep, and there is a high risk of them falling, getting bumped on the side screen, or even worse. 

To ensure their safety, you try a lot of things. The main intention is to keep them safely tacked to secure their movement so that they don’t get hurt, and a safety vest will be the best to help you and your kids. Well padded, integrated with a lock system, and strapped, the Ride Safer travel vest can be the best thing for your kids you can ever imagine. Easy to use, convenient to fit in your car, snug fit, let’s hunt down the reasons why you must have one of the Ride Safe travel vests for your kids.

Ride Safer vest

What is the Ride Safer travel vest, and who is it for?

The Ride Safer travel vest is an additional accessory that ensures your child’s safety by keeping your kid in a comfortable position. This booster seat alternative plays smart by lowering the seat belt to the kid’s level. 

The usage is easy and convenient, and it does not exert any pressure on your child. The child simply needs to put it on as a clothing vest, and then with the help of metal buckles and Velcro straps, you attach the vest in position with the seat. Unlike common market available boosters, the RideSafer travel vest offers optimum body support and comfort; the belts are cushioned, which ensures the complete safety of your little one while they are sitting or sleeping in the back seat.

Besides, the best part is it meets all the safety regulation norms and requirements standardized by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for all kinds of set securing products. Furthermore, the product is adequately padded and comfort-oriented in design to make the child feel cozy yet secured. 

There are two versions of this safety vest, the standard one and the latest Gen 5. In both versions, you can find different sizes of the vest, and you can choose the one based on the weight range and age of your kid. The products start from age 3 till 14 years, and accordingly, each product can be adjusted.  

Top Benefits of Ride Safer Vest

Wide Age Use: Exceptional range of scope of use for kids of different ages is the specialty of this vest. As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer offers detailed weight and age limits for each product category. 

Besides, each product size, small, medium, or large, comes with the ‘expansion panel’ for added adjustment for kids, although the small to medium travel seat vests are more in demand in the market. 

Ergonomic Crafting: Another unique feature of this safety travel vest is that it has an ergonomic design, which offers comprehensive spinal support. The additional padding of the RideSafer travel vests is consciously and ergonomically designed to suit kids’ comfort. Kids often tend to fall asleep on long rides, and there these vests come along with a detachable head recline. Strong and comfy straps to the reclining headrest offer complete support to your kids. 

It comes with a top tether specifically designed to make these vests extra secure in case of accidents when these can limit head excursion. Besides, this feature helps to keep toddlers in place and not playing with stuff around. 

Safe and Legal: The RideSafer Travel Vest is made in accordance with all the requirements, safety check norms, and standard harnessing procedures from the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Besides, the product is certified to have passed even the harness restraint test for legal vests in the US. 

Simple and convenient: Easy to use and convenient to secure to the seat of a car, it hardly takes a few minutes. Besides, even kids are comfortable wearing the vest, which has soft but adequate padding. A young child, if not a toddler, can also put it on easily and buckle it with the seat easily. 

Compact: Space-saving to enhance seating arrangement in the car for bigger families, this ride safer vest has multiple functionalities. Fitting three adjacent vests in the back seat can accommodate three kids in the seat and facilitate a comfortable journey. Besides, owing to its compact design, you can neatly store it below the car seat even if you are not using it. 

Detachable and portable: It is not a fixed attachment that cannot be moved if once fixed. Whether it’s carpooling, a flight journey, or a long drive, you can easily carry this vest and use it anywhere you like. These are compact, lightweight, highly portable, easy to use, thus a complete travel-friendly package. 

Repetitive Use: This is a unique product that is essential, reusable, and effectively helpful in many ways. It’s not like you can use it only in cars; you can also use it on buses, flights, etc. Besides, these are crafted out of washable material, so you can wash them as well.  

How to use the Ride Safer vest in the car?

Attaching the ride safer vest to your car seat is not a big deal; all you need to do is:

  • Ensure that your kid has put on the vest such that the bottom portion touches his thigh. It allows and helps to “fan out” both the sides of the lap panel and keep it flat, comfortable.
  • Let your child sit with the vest and fasten the vehicle seat belt like you usually do. 
  • There is a lap panel on the vest through which you must fasten the car’s lap belt so that you can position your child in a snug fit position. Mind not to tighten it too much, which can cause discomfort.
  • Similarly, attach the shoulder straps through the metal fit buckle, and secure them in place. 
  • You can attach the top to the side shoulder metal hooks for better security, although optional, for complete safety, we recommend attaching the shoulder metal hook.  

How to put on the Ride Safer vest for children?

The vest is designed with a robust Velcro and buckle strap. To put it on, simply open the buckles and wear them like a jacket. Then you need to tug it in position and attach the Velcro and buckles accordingly for a complete snug fit. You can adjust the metal strap as per your body and length.  

Finally, there is a Y-shaped crotch strap for end-to-end secured attachment, which you need to pull across the legs and secure your position. However, this Y crotch strap is optional for grownup kids but a safe attachment for toddlers and babies. 

Final Thoughts

Security is a priority when it comes to your kids. Owning to its sturdiness and ease of use, the RideSafer travel vest reviews serve as proof of perfect customer experience. When traveling with kids, it is important to ensure their safety. However, car seat belts fail to secure those little figures adequately. Therefore, buying a ride safer travel vest is undoubtedly one of the wise decisions to make as a parent.