Is riding your bike good for you?

Bike riding, which was previously considered as a necessity for many with the aim of just traveling from one place to another, is now a hobby and a passion for many people. People have joined motorcycle clubs and compete in well-fought tournaments both locally and internationally to challenge the rest of the people in order to be crowned the best motorcyclist in their areas. People take great pride in the motorcycles they own. Many motorcyclists often spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in making sure that their motorcycle is the best. Hence, it is clear that biking is now also a hobby, a sport, as well as a passion for many people.

Bike riding is something that is done by many people around the world, but the question still remains “is it good for you”. Without a doubt, biking is also considered as a top-notch cardio workout. Biking is a sort of exercise that strengthens the lower body that includes everything from the hips to the toes and beyond. With proper hours of bike riding, usually, a person burns over 400 calories each hour, if done thoroughly. Bike riding is indeed one workout that is very gentle on the back, hips, knees as well as the ankles. Motorcycles vary from model to model but one thing is for sure that biking can be done normally on the road, bike paths, or even on mountain trails. However, for mountains and other hilly areas, different types of bikes are used because heavier and more complex bikes cannot be taken to the dangerous hilly areas.

If the path is trickier and more complex, more calories are burned. Hence, it is recommended that in order to burn a good amount of calories and to become more active, you should ride your bike for at least 30 – 50 minutes each day for a minimum of 5 days a week.

There are other benefits of riding your bike as well. These are as follows:

Firstly, biking greatly increases cardiovascular fitness on average. Next, it is a very good exercise to increase your muscle strength as well as flexibility especially the ones that are involved in the lower body. Next, it is great for overall posture and hand-eye coordination. By riding your bike more regularly, it is also true that you lose a lot of fat and if this activity continues for months and months; it decreases fat levels in the body. Experts are also of the view that regular bike riding reduces anxiety and stress and also prevents and effectively manages a lot of diseases.


There is no doubt that physical activity is very good for the body and soul overall. In the case of bike riding, this is also a very good activity for physical and mental well-being. It may have some downsides or flaws per se, but overall it is very good for your health. Hence, it is recommended that you take out your bike every day regularly.