What Are Time Limits for Personal Injury Claims?

You should speak with an attorney immediately if you’ve been injured and want to file a compensation claim. It’s simpler to locate witnesses if you contact them as soon as possible. Due to certain time constraints, you must begin your claim as quickly as possible.

You should file the case within 3 years from when you got the injury or the incident that caused you to suffer from personal injuries. The law is stringent in this matter and rarely allows more time for the victims to present the case at a later date after the 3 years have elapsed. This makes it very important to employ a personal Injury criminal lawyer for your case, as they can significantly speed up the process.

There are changes regarding the 3 years restriction for more complicated cases, where the victim did not realize they had experienced personal injury for a very long time. This is especially common in medically induced injury, where the victim did not know they were facing issues due to doctors or other health care personnel-related misconduct or negligence. For these reasons, the laws are less strict and allow the people 3 years from the time they realize they had been subject to personal injury to file a compensation case.  

Additionally, the laws are different for children, as they are allowed both as a child and adults to file for a personal injury case. The complete details are presented below. 

Claims for a child

The claims for a child can be undertaken at any time before they reach 18 years of age. After this, they will be considered an adult and can file a case on their own until their 21 birthday, after which the 3-year period will end.

Injuries due to violent accident

If a person sustains injuries due to violent conduct, they will have 2 years to file a case, which the compensation authority will directly handle.

Cases of mental matters

People with difficulty supporting their case due to mental issues or illnesses will not have to adhere to any time limits. They can present their case whenever they wish, regardless of when they experienced the personal injury.

Injury resulting in death

A companion or guardian can file a case for the death of their loved one. They will have 3 years from when they came to know of the injury, regardless of when the person died. However, if the cause of the injury or medical misconduct was found after a postmortem report, they will have 3 years from the time they realized the information to file the case. 

Flight-related injury

The time limit will depend on the nature of the flight. If it were due to a local flight, you would have 2 years from when your flight reaches its destination. However, if it was due to an international flight, you will have to 2 years from when your flight reaches its final destination.

The timelines are essential for a case to be filed at the right time. Expiration of this timeline will result in problems, as you will have to present a valid response to the lateness, or else the case will be dismissed.