How To Write An Effective YouTube Description

Have you ever logged in to YouTube and ended up watching a vlog you didn’t intend to because of its description? Content creators often come up with descriptions that will catch your attention for you to watch their content. Other times, the thumbnail is too good you cannot resist the attraction.

In this article, we will highlight how to get more followers on YouTube using an eye-catching description. Some content creators make lots of money on YouTube using creative strategies. You can also come up with a channel and make money from YouTube.


Do good research on keywords and go for those that are most searched. This will increase the traffic of your content and in turn, more people will be recommended to your content. Using spaces such as google trends, you can come up with a variety of the most searched topics.

In addition to this, do not go patching keywords everywhere. Use them moderately and in the right places. Make use of repetition as well, around two to three relatable keywords. Often, creators are encouraged to use keywords among the first three sentences in a paragraph.

With time, figure out which keywords are working best for your channel. YouTube studio offers analytical tools you can use to know how far you have reached your target audience.

Be creative

Do not go copy-pasting popular searches or other people’s descriptions and pasting them on your channel. Juggle with words and come up with something unique. More people will be prompted to see what they have not heard before. For example, “do you think penguins have knees?” Let’s find out. Come with me to the laboratory as I dissect a penguin with laser beams.

Your words in the description box have to be honest as well. Do not go overboard trying to reach more people and violate the golden rule of honesty.

Include a call to action

Some description boxes are visited by viewers at times after watching content. Take advantage of this and insert your affiliate links, your other social media links or promote more of your YouTube content.

This increases your number of subscribers on YouTube and followers on other channels. At the same time, you improve your engagement with your audience.

Include video tags

Encourage your subscribers access to interesting videos they prefer from your posts by including timestamps. This makes it convenient for your viewers, hence encouraging them to come back to watch your content. Imagine being in a place you are allowed to pick what to watch and where you are controlled on what to watch. You will pick a place where you feel you have an ability to control.

Use default descriptions

It is okay to use a description on a video more than once. If you need to make any changes, edit the description and add the necessary information needed.

Descriptions are meant to give a little more description of your work. Save your time by going for a simple, unique one.