Good Prayers for a Good Motorcycle Ride

Most of the law-abiding motorcycle enthusiasts are part of some club that works for the betterment of the community. In other words, behind most of the motorcycle clubs, there is a bigger purpose of support, charity, and fundraising. Moreover, every biker club has its own set of motorcycle prayers that they say during the motorcycle ride blessing ceremony to receive the blessings of the almighty. We have got together some of the best prayers for motorcycle riders.

best prayers for motorcycle riders

Protection prayer

Dear Lord Jesus, I stand here and say motorcyclist prayer on behalf of all the group members and clubs. This is the sport that we all share a love for, and I pray for this. While we are riding, shower your blessings so that we are shielded against the fear of death and bless us to reach our destination safely. Bless us for the sake of our family and friends. Amen.

Guidance Prayer

Heavenly Father, bestow upon us the guidance of my brothers and sisters. May your Angels guard our travel as they are aware of the perils of this road ahead. May they keep us safe during this journey through the rough turns and rolling hills. Dear Lord, give strength to my engine to run smoothly, and the bike continues to draw power from every stream we pass. Allow the moonlight to lead me through the night. Keep alive the joy of this journey and adventure with motorcycle club brothers and sisters. Amen.

Presence prayer

Lord, thank you for letting me follow my passion and be a biker. While traveling through different terrains, many bikers have met a fatal end, but your presence and blessings have kept our passion for biking sustain without any glitches. I call upon you to feel your presence, riding by my side. Allow me to feel the wind on my face and explore nature. Dear Jesus, keep me safe from the careless drivers and bikers gang who watch me ride by. Give me the strength to always help my fellow brothers and sisters. Amen.

Rest Motorcycle Prayer

Loving Father, our motorcycle club has come together to say this bikers prayer in your name. The increasing number of fatal accidents of motorcyclists is alarming. I seek your guidance to keep me and my fellow members focused on our work. Shower your blessings to put our minds at ease to focus on our ride and not on what is happening around us. Dear Lord, illuminate my path and steer me away from the evil. Please help me and the fellow club members to seek protection under your wings. Amen.

Motorcyclist Prayer of Freedom

Thank you, Lord, for guiding us, motorcycle enthusiasts, to come together and form this motorcycle club. We are obliged to you that you have provided us with the freedom to ride across the country and meet people. Thank you for giving us the chance to do something we believe in and the privilege that many people can only dream of. May we always understand the responsibility that comes with this freedom. We all believe in the power of prayer that has always kept us safe from all the evil out there. May you always continue to light our way and help us explore and meet new people. Amen.

Safety Bikers Prayer

Father Lord, bless me and my brothers and sisters who have set out on the road today. We call upon you to shield us from the death trap brought upon us by the drunk drivers who do not care about their precious gift of life. Bestow upon us your love and strength that help us reach home in one piece. Through the glory of your holy name, we pray to you to keep us safe from the fatalities of the road. Amen.

Thanksgiving motorcyclist prayer

Dear Lord, we brothers, and sisters call upon you to thank you for the good life you have bestowed upon us. Thank you for providing immense strength and good health to all of us and blessing us to ride our way home. Our motorcycle club believes in the power of prayer and all the good things it has brought to us. Father, as we prepare to ride back to our destination, we pray in the name of your son Jesus to keep us safe from all the dangers and harm of the road. Amen.

Bikers prayer funeral – We pray for our fellow bikers who unfortunately have met a fatal end of their journey while riding.  We wish them a heavenly and peaceful abode into the new world. Dear Lord, pour your blessings on the departed soul and the ones related to them. Amen.


While riding a motorbike is all about passion and skill, but reverence to the almighty works like a holy halo that keeps riders safe from the perils of driving. These are some of the best prayers for motorcycle riders to keep them safe and give them inner strength. In addition, reading some inspirational quotes before the start of the journey instills positivity. It gives them the strength to carry on and enjoy the ride. As they speed their way through the turns and slopes of the road, these bikers’ prayers help them overcome the fear of death that the road brings.